Nassim Taleb makes the rounds again

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Maverick74, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Nassim Taleb appears to be hitting the circuit again, perhaps in front of his new book release. There are two articles about him this month. One in the new issue of Trader Monthly and another in this month's issue of Active Trader.

    Here is a link to part of the Trader Monthly article.
  2. Mav

    Thanks for the post but do I have to recieve the actual magazine or can I just buy the online access version?
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    Just register for free online to get access to the article.
  4. His appearances seem to be randomly spaced...I wonder if he's analyzed it :p
  5. dis


    DS: How is it going for [Nassim Taleb's] Empirica [Capital] so far?

    NT: "Well, distributions seem to have fatter tails than ever before. We had this year in the equity markets an extremely volatile three-month period (February through April), followed by an extremely unvolatile three months (June through August), followed by an even more volatile October. These are very rare by any historical norm, as traders went bust on both the short and the long side of volatility. Volatility is becoming more and more unpredictable and we like that. Correlation matrices are even more unusable than ever before. Everything people were taught about markets seems to be disputed by current events."

    Sounds like Mr.Taleb's hedge fund has not been particularly successful in chasing fat tails.
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    According to Business Week, he made a seven figure income last year. Now, I know that is not up to par with your avg ETer who makes well into eight and nine figures, still not bad.
  7. Did he make that on fees or chasing fat tails?:eek: Seriously though, other than making coin on the crash and becoming famous because of a one time event, what has he done lately???
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    What I read of his last book disappointed me. I was all mentally prepared to purchase it ,but I was in one of those bookstores stores that actually have chairs for reading, Guess you can say I read too much , decided to get a pizza instead.
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    Do you want to put up his track record next to yours?
  10. YOU BET. I bet you my fat tail system can beat his hands down. We'll use collective2 to verify. How's that???
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