Nassim Taleb - Black Swan

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  1. I think it was a Time magazine profile that I read on him a few months ago. He seemed like a pretty realistic guy. I actually am going to pick up his books as a result of the profile. Not something normally would do, but he seemed very logical and thoughtful in the brief article.
  2. I might also add I hate Time magazine, but my Dad gives it to me after he is done, so I at least scan it, but can't stand it overall. I'll read just about anything. It is something I haven't been able to pass on to my kids which frustrates me to no end. I love reading, and can't figure out how to put that joy to the kids.
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    Thanks for the links. Do you know when the interview was done? Found it a bit surprising the second video was with David Cameron.
  4. I believe the interviews were done in 2008 and 2009.

    I got quite a chuckle when Tableb talked about unpredictability of rare events; he gave an example of a turkey being fed 364 days by a human. The turkey believed that humans were very kind, taking such good care of the turkey. until ofcourse Thanksgiving day, which proved to be a rare event for the turkey.

    The following one, done in jan-2009 with daniel Kahneman is a gem, who is a professor of psychology at princeton.