Nassim Taleb: Ask Me Anything

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    As an author Taleb has done what he could not do as a trader or mathematician, get people to speak about ( fame & fortune) and quote him. When you are quoted by such notables as Howard Marks and Charlie Munger you have arrived.
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    you have arrived when you have female groupies following you around.
    the only other trader, to my knowledge, in that situation is James Chanos.
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  3. ironchef


    His approach to option trading actually makes a lot of sense to me.
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  4. Daal


    Tks for posting. Very interesting what he said about BRK

    "I think from what I saw that Berkshire is not immune to their own statement. They got involved in financial products and blew up but this is not advertised (I know people who worked there)."
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    Hmm, I get out more from 10 Reddit questions and comments than I get out of a year's worth reading ET.

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    ... Perhaps because you don't understand him? Have you read Dynamic Hedging by him. One of the best options trading and risk management books out there. No, let me correct myself: THE best book on options out there.

    Some of the best Olympic swimming coaches have never been in the top ranks themselves. So what? Same with some top tennis coaches.

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    Thank you for this link.

    This link listed a bunch of his academic studies on tail risks. Tail risk is extremely important in options, so I better pay some attention. Unfortunately, they are not written in lay person language so they are very difficult to understand.

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    Taleb caters to the professional trading crowd. Most retail options punters do not even understand how to trade Gama, neither do they understand skew, higher order risks, managing an options book. As soon as something is above their head many here declare that person a lunatic. Taleb has traded professional money longer than most people here have even known the term trading. I don't know the details why he closed down and neither do I care. Some of his books such as Dynamic Hedging are top notch and a must read for any serious options trader. Aside Sinclair nowhere else is so much valuable information in public domain on options trading than in the Dynamic Hedging book.

    I completely agree with ignoring idiots, Taleb is a quality read, however. Only those with low intellect don't grasp that.

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  9. Ok, fine. -- But how does Nassim Taleb's teachings (or anyone else's you seem to praise so much) translate to real world trading performance for you, o_O

    Care to disclose,

    He may be smart academically just like the LTCM guys of the mid/late 90's, but it wasn't a happy ending for neither of them...they both blew up,

    Trading is much more (or less) than just academics. and theories and formulas,
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    Taleb's fund never blew up (I am trying to get my hands on the entire Empirica returns, will post when I get them.) and the fund he is advising is actually still operational and the performance is not pointing to any blow ups either.

    Here some info on the Universa Investments fund that Taleb is advising:

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