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  1. c_verm


    I am wondering if you can trade the NASDAQ I thought that symbol was NQ but it doenst seem to work? ANyone know waht the symbol is?

    Anways I would like to know what the difference from trading the QQQ or the NASDAQ100.
  2. Tauvros


    (NDX) Nasdaq 100 = QQQ

    NQ is the foos, nasdaq futures (the contract symbol is NQM4)
  3. Lucrum


    QQQ is an ETF (exchange traded fund) of the Nasdaq 100 that trades much like a stock.

    NQ is a futures contract that trades on Globex. NQ by itself won't work. You'll have to include the expiration month and year. Not all quote vendors do it the same way but for the current front month the symbol would be something like NQH4 depending on your vendor. Of course you'll have to subscribe to futures quotes first if your not already.
  4. Ebo


    NQH04 does not have very much volume!

    It may have rolled over in March......I am not sure?

    You might have better luck with the June contract.
  5. c_verm


    Thanks everyone for your clearing that up for me.
  6. c_verm


    I am wondering what the minimum account size should be to trade the Emini NASDAQ or SP?? I would like to learn more about it. WHat are some good sites to learn how futures work?
  7. Lucrum


    My mistake, your absolutely right June is the front month.

    In my defense I was up way past by bed time when I wrote that.
  8. Check out

    We have a good education section for all the emini's.
    I like the mini-Dow as a product. Traders that are new to futures, should really look at the benefits of a product that has a wide range of volatility. Since the point value is a little less, it might not hurt as bad if your wrong, and when a strong move occurs there can possibly be enough time to get on the other side. If you need questions answered, feel free to contact me.