Nasdaq vs. Dow vs. Nikkei Crashes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Dustin, Mar 15, 2001.

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    Tonight I created a chart using historical data from all 3 crashes (Dow 1930, Nikkei 1990, Nasdaq 2000-1). It turns out that the Nasdaq has fallen farther, and faster than either of the other two.

    Check it out:
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    Wow excellent chart, I had no idea that the markdown in the naz was as severe as the dow crash of 30'. I guess I can now say that I traded thru and profited from the most severe stock market crash in history.

  3. I'd like to see the chart updated in light of recent declines. Amazing period we're going through. :mad:
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    The chart is updated until March 15th. 54 Weeks from the peak on each "crash".
  5. Dustin, your post and chart research here makes me happy
    that I am paying $200 a month for my ISDN. Great job and
    certainly lots of reasons to sit back and think about this
    long and hard. By the way I have a business in CA and situation here for mainly because of the NAZ has turned
    shit !!!
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    Dustin--The RSI lesson is even more interesting-thanks
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    Dustin, thanks for your post.
    You said "The rsi should not give extended oversold signals if there is strength". What is the extended oversold signal? How to tell in the chart?
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    I am talking about what you see in the last hour (orange bars) of the third chart. RSI is unable to make a recovery, and and market just keeps falling. This would signal serious selling, and I would avoid any long scalps once I figured out what was going on.

    In normal market conditions you could play a RSI bounce off the lower band, but on this day you would have got creamed. Thats the trick to playing RSI...
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    Nasdaq below 1200 in 6 months.
    #10     Jul 18, 2001