Nasdaq Velocity and Forces

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by davez, Jul 31, 2008.

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    I've been using the Nasdaq Velocity and Forces Indicator for a few days now, primarily to trade the QQQQ. I can't say it has helped. As opposed to consistently indicating buying or selling interest (pressure) in advance of that pressure resulting in actual buying or selling, I'm finding a mish-mash of results. Often the exact opposite occurs (like right now .. 15 minutes into lunch hour on July 31 the QQQQ has been selling off steadily, yet the Forces indicator is 90% blue and high). Or sometimes the indicator will simply follow price (as opposed to leading price).

    Maybe this indicator is better for lower liquidity stocks.

    Has anyone found this indicator to be useful (or not)?

  2. I was curious, too. I just searched for Velocity and Forces and found this thread.

    Anyone else?
  3. davez


    I unsubscribed from V&F mid-Sept. At least with the QQQQ, I did not find it to be a leading indicator - by the time it was bullish the Q's had already made the short term move up and was ready to retrace. In a way it was like volume, confirming moves that already occurred.

    Maybe for smaller cap stocks it might signal early accumulation before a move occurs, but I found I was chasing the Q's when I followed V&F signals.

    If someone finds it useful for smaller cap stocks, I'd be interested to know.
  4. Fade it?