NASDAQ up everyday in December! 5.6% (2498-2637) and the greedy bulls want more!!!!

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    2498 to 2637 since closing on November 30th to close on December 10th.

    Up 8 days so far, 5.6%. Now how much more of rally do the greedy bulls really want, do they want another 10% before the close of the year. Always seems to amaze me how much more people want out of this market day after day, this is not a real market, this is a manipulated market.

    Date Open High Low Close Volume Adj Close*
    Dec 9, 2010 2,623.15 2,624.84 2,606.24 2,616.67 1,924,980,000 2,616.67
    Dec 8, 2010 2,604.57 2,612.37 2,592.89 2,609.16 1,763,460,000 2,609.16
    Dec 7, 2010 2,623.15 2,623.60 2,597.45 2,598.49 1,906,290,000 2,598.49
    Dec 6, 2010 2,591.28 2,599.19 2,584.09 2,594.92 1,617,030,000 2,594.92
    Dec 3, 2010 2,569.02 2,593.68 2,567.88 2,591.46 1,810,400,000 2,591.46
    Dec 2, 2010 2,553.68 2,580.59 2,551.82 2,579.35 2,038,130,000 2,579.35
    Dec 1, 2010 2,535.19 2,558.29 2,535.19 2,549.43 2,109,940,000 2,549.43
    Nov 30, 2010 2,497.12 2,510.71 2,488.61 2,498.23 2,317,480,000 2,498.23
  2. Greedy bulls are growing a pig snout:p More new highs today! Why question it - just buy, buy,'ll be in the "House of Pleasure."

    Damn people questioning the Bernank.
  3. So what ??? Large cap technology stocks are still cheap on a historical basis ( see P/E ) and many have a ton of cash on their balance sheet.

    This is a real market, the fact you don't understand it is not surprising though. Please do some proper research and stop being so cynical about corporate America.
  4. You are a nutter S2007S! lol
    You've been making threads like this for ages.
    You clearly realise that it's a manipulated market that keeps going higher and higher, but rather than getting on board and making some money, you start threads to moan about it!

    You'll still be making these threads when the DOW is at 20000 (which is guaranteed at some point in the future.)
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    20,000 was suppose to be here by now but the collapse of the economy under so many bubbles has caused that to come at a later time. Markets have risen to new highs in the past based off nothing but bubbles. Nasdaq bubble created by the dot com era. Housing bubble and credit bubble caused the dow and spx to sky rocket to new historical highs in 2007. Now here the markets are in rally mode again on nothing more than easy money policies by the fed. Can the market rally another 50-100% in the next year or 2, SURE it can, I dont doubt it but the problem with that is that there is nothing but air holding up this market and economy.

    What I still cannot grasp is if everyone is screaming about all the cash these corporations hold, the earnings power and profits they have going forward along with predicitions of 3%+ GDP growth than why wont they lay off of the historical low interest rates, the continued unemployment, the extension of tax cuts etc.

    Everyone thinks things are great, well if they are then stop with the easy money policies by the fed and let the damn economy take on its own ways of cleaning this crisis up without intervention by Bubble ben bernanke and friends. They have gone too far, the trillions being thrown at the economy will lead to nothing more but countless asset bubbles here in the u.s. and other global economies.
  6. The stock markets today would be fine without all this recent quantitative easing. But this is the reality of the US policy. The fact that there is an additional big reason for markets to rise does not negate the other reasons why the markets will rise. What it should signify to you is the markets will rise even more moving forward.

    You are confusing the debate about the appropriateness of the economic policy with how markets work. Whether quantitative easing is appropriate is irrelevant to market performance. The easing exists so markets will react accordingly. The government has decided that economic recovery is based on strong corporations; as individuals we should want to own strong corporations not weak ones. Those who can't afford to invest in corporations well nobody ever guaranteed life was fair all the time ( especially in the US where capitalism has always tested extremes far more then say in Canada ). You might note that in Canada our government has been criticized at times for not employing more stimulus; in many ways here is closer to your own idea of fairness.
  7. It will continue to go up until those fund Managers completed invested all their monies, then - crash :D

    The market will tell you when it want to reverse, but why you want to predict and think you can outsmart the market and fight the trend ?? :confused:

    For the time being, just follow the trend and go LONG LONG LONG !!!!!!!!!!
    :p :) :D :cool:
  8. candles


    x2, homeboy! :cool:
    im buying breakouts AND dips!

  9. ask yourself who want to be Hero and short this time ?
    :D :D :D
  10. december is always santa clause rally and is very illiquid with little market is very very thin at the top or propped up on thin volume..this won't stop until the fed signals end to quantitive easing which has NEVER been pulbicly done before...i've never heard of qauntitiative easing before til now. nor does the public... i don't think the fed has ever did QE before in the US history or have they.

    the recession of 1982,crash 01987 recession of 1990-1992 and recession of 2001-2002 the fed never had to rely on QE..there was lots of cash in the banking system..and value was cheap now their is no value or too risky for cash to participate.. it's not current p/e as p/e can change over a quater it's the risk bankruptcy of companies or risk of banks going insolvent...the stock market is always about the future...future earnings and future growth of these companies are limited aor can decline..the market knows..but the FED wants a pump job like the 1999/2000 only to crash and burn.

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