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    Hey all...... I'm searching for a list high Beta stocks that track, or paralell the NASDAQ Comp.
    I used to follow the NEW BREED OF STOCK TRADER website, and it used to update this list regularly, because the list changed over time, But that site seems to be defunct now, and I have no idea how to conduct my search. The stocks must track the NASDAQ for at least 4 months. I hope some kind soul will take the time to point me in the right direction. I'm not too talented computer-wise, so I'm really walking around in the dark here.
    I thank everyone in advance for your time and efforts BIG JOHN Y.
  2. Do you mean that you're looking for stocks with a high correlation (r-squared score) with QQQQ but higher beta? QLD would be an obvious choice (it basically just uses double leverage to give twice the return up or down as QQQQ.) You can get higher beta if you want by picking individual micro-cap tech stocks (most have pretty good correlation with the Qubes.)
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    Nasdaq Composite
    +35.640 +2.22%

    Candlestick Analysis
    Candlestick Patterns:
    White Closing Marubozu
    Bullish Engulfing

    Today a White Closing Marubozu was formed. This shows that the day opened and then prices went lower slightly, however it was followed by a rally that drove the prices over the opening price and the rally continued all day ending with a closing price equal to the high of the day.
    For more about this candlestick click here.

    The last two candlesticks formed a Bullish Engulfing Pattern . This is a bullish reversal pattern that marks a potential change in trend.

    Benchmark Confirmation Status (1:00pm /1659.87)