Nasdaq "Total View"

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  1. this is the level 3 that i think everyone is talking about. does it display all stop loss orders?
  2. level 3 is not totalview lol
  3. If not, could you please provide insight to what is level 3? Thank you.
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    doesn't really mean much. quotes-ok,execute orders? away from market? and what information they are sending? to whom? :)
    really confusing explanation imo
  5. wasn't meant to be an explanation, just a reference... in another thread NY HOOD started someone mentioned he was previously a MM and his explanation was in line with the investopedia excerpt...albeit very incomplete.

    I am still seeking a thorough explanation as well.
  6. I could be completly wrong but from the description given it almost seems like a bloomberg terminal, but just dressed up differently.
  7. I use a level III and we CAN NOT disclose the information
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    Wait for level IV. It will compound the confusion wrought by levels II and III.
  9. Can you disclose where you work at?

    Never heard of a MM getting excited over $260.00
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