Nasdaq to Fall Friday? - AMD Updates Fourth Quarter Outlook

Discussion in 'Trading' started by seasideheights, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Profits hurting in the tech sector. Nasdaq to feel the pain Friday?


    "Fourth quarter operating income, excluding ATI-related segments and acquisition-related charges, is expected to be positive but substantially lower than in the third quarter."
  2. Bowgett


    Gap down and usual buy buy buy to new multiyear highs.
  3. if futures are any indication..... they we gap up tomorrow and ramp hard...

    this is not bearish news

    warnings have been bullish
  4. Why isn't it bearish news when one of the two major chip companies can't make the profit they were expecting? Stuff is selling but the Earnings aren't there. Remember Sandisk yesterday? Same story. Increasing sales by killing profits doesn't help the market P/E.
  5. Everything is based on expectations. There are no high expectations for amd. It should have little effect on the market although recent fridays have not been very good days for profit. They have been great days for buying dips.:D
  6. Bowgett


    Because of P/E expansion prices still go up even if earnings go down. No worries.
  7. Bowgett


    Futures like AMD warning. It means no more warnings from AMD this quarter. One less thing to worry about. Just another reason to buy :)

  8. Naz says....... thank you AMD for warning!!!

    go market!!