Nasdaq to 5000+

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  1. Nasdaq on its way back to 5000+?

    Harry S. Dent Jr's target for the Dow is 40,000 by 2008. Nasdaq 8,000-10,000.
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    Thanks for the post!

    Now I know I can safely short tomorrow for a short term correction. I was getting worried that too many people were sitting on the sidelines not being bullish after this move up.
  4. Holy crap I better buy some stocks today then!!!!
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    another flood of guru books coming soon to a book store near you.......:p
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    Reminds me of a book that I saw when I was in Chapters last weekend, I forget the name of the author, but basically it was published in 2004 and predicts another big runup in the markets between now and 2008-2010. I'm somewhat tempted to buy the book purely for the sake of seeing what the author's arguments are hehe.

    On a somewhat related note, I'm really looking forward to the semester finishing up, so that I can read my copy of the 2nd edition of Shiller's Irrational Exuberance. My girlfriend bought it for me for my birthday. :)
  7. its true....

    So pretty when market not allowed to go down $$$
  8. Is she trying to tell you something about your relationship?
  9. Author is Harry S. Dent Jr. The subject of my orginal post.
  10. so Harry DEnt is back predicting the market will quadruple in value? this surely must be a joke
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