Nasdaq Started Charging Pro Fees To Everyone

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kean, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Nasdaq no longer charges non pro. Regardless of platform and status everyone is charged as pro by nasdaq effective 9/01.[12:32:09 PM] NASDAQ HAS STARTED CHARGING PRO FEES TO EVERYONE EFFECTIVE 9/1/2011 The rates are Nasdq Level I-$21.78 Total View -$82.75
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    cheap schmucks..chasing few extra bucks from poor retail's should be exact opposite-free for all retail accounts
  3. Has anyone seen an increase in the nasdaq fee from their firm?

  4. 1st im hearing of it. dont see anything on a goog search
  5. Yeah I don't see anything either. It seems strange they could make it retroactive to Sept 1st also.

  6. trendo


    Please cite your source.
  7. This is ET. Sources are completely unnecessary. Just take the post as fact, no need to know the source of info.
  8. FYI I was told this only applies to accounts that are classified as entities (ie LLC's, Corp, etc). Basically any entity account is now being considered a pro account now and thus is being charged the pro data rates. This was effective at the beginning of Sept.

    Thats what I was told,

  9. so the ops an hysterical clown?
  10. Bob111

    Bob111 been always like this. and pro data fees was always applied to any type of entity.

    think about for a you can possibly apply individual retail fees to the firm? read the definition of "pro" while subscribing for any data or service.

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