Nasdaq rebates

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stylelad, Apr 9, 2007.

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    According to official site prices the nasdaq comissions can be lower if your firm have traded have added leq for for example more then 20 million shares per month daily or remooved leq for greater then 35 millin shares daily. This rebate is counted by Nasdaq and payed back at the end of each month.
    So the question is - do all of prop firms return this rebate bonus to their traders or they keep these money for themselves and charge their traders 0.002 for adding and 0.003 for removing leq???
  2. outside swift i've never seen it returned. since its the company's total vol that gets the bonus i guess its rightfully there's
  3. i would like to know how many firms besides swift does this kind of volume. Does Bright have enough trades to do that kind of volume?

    even here at swift with the 30 million chinese branches poppin up on every street corner we are havin problems hittin the top tier payout from isld.

    if anyone knows any other firms that do this kind of volume would you mind postin curosity has been peaked.
  4. i'm sure genesis and assent or up there with 500-1000 traders. no damm wonder the market is dead as hell swift as 1000 chinesse traders making $10 a day trading 500k shares each. the black boxes and this have basically cornered the market