Nasdaq/QQQQ VERY easy to predict

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  1. short term trading activity using the theory of rescale smothness

    Also when ever the nasdaq breks out in the morning or mid afternoon and is flat 90% of the time it breaks out AGAIN of a similar maginitude of the first breakout.

    Example: nasdaq breaks out .3% in the first 2 minutes of trading and goes flat. 9/10 times it will go up an additional .3% that day.

    So easy to make money with this setup
  2. Now you've gone and rooned it!
  3. Neodude


    What is the theory of "rescale smoothness"? Google turned up nothing...

  4. Glad I just sold that system to a fund for 3 million.

    Now that its in the public domain, its not worth that much
  5. rescale smoothness ?

    hmm ... you going bald too like me ?

  6. pattersb

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    :D :D

    I'm suprised us bald guys haven't insisted on a more politically correct term for our affliction.

    BALD is sooooo offensive!

    Rescale Smoothness, now that I can live with!
  7. hey stock, they would probably stop jibbing at ya if ya posted some of the logic behind your system.

    how does it work?

    what's the range required for it to be in-effect?

    does it work for shorting as well?

    does it work on any other securites besides the q's?

    can be used on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

    if it's a true theory, it should operate on all time-scales.


  8. So this is the cup Christ drank from?...