Nasdaq Plays Tough With Clients Angry Over Facebook

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by OnClose, Jun 1, 2012.

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    It seems nobody wants to say anything bad about Nasdaq even after many stock investors were screwed.

    I guess that's the power of monopoly. :D
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    I would feel bad for the market making firms, but let's face it: FB was way overpriced. the market makers simply wanted to distribute the $115 million loss to everyone else who was willing to buy into this overpriced IPO. they agreed to hold the bag, and they couldn't find anyone else to take it from their hands.
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    Feel bad for the market making firms? :p They have ripped me off too many times!

    FB price simply reflects the supply and demand for the shares. The demand was great before the IPO, but not afterwards.
  6. Only an idiot would buy shares of FB on opening day.
    Suckers are born every min... lol
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    With the CNBC hype machine running in overdrive those poor suckers didn't have a chance.
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    when are people going to learn wall st is going to take your cash anyway they can

    people lost money because of greed , most thought it was a sure winner

    despite the financial meltdown everyone experienced people are still clueless
    If you want to play you have to pay is the way it goes sometimes
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    Anybody ever buy a used car? That's what trading on Nasdaq is like.
    These guys aren't market makers. They are dealers. They have no responsibility. If a Buy and Sell order come in at the same time, they buy from the seller and sell to the buyer and keep the Vig.

    They also trade thru limits if the contra side is not big enough to fill the limit order. After they are done buying enough small orders then they fill your limit order at the higher price.
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    It's funny that market makers lost out due to the Nasdaq glitch.
    Sharks would be a better name for these guys! :D
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