Nasdaq only up 30 overnight

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by newestmember, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Big deal! It was oversold early last week anyhow...

    I was hoping for Nasdaq up 100!

    Either way, I'm shorting the 9:30 ET open for a trade, but up 30 isn't high enough for me to take a longer-term swing trade from the short-side....
  2. My god, up only 30? How much chance are up 30 amongst all up days? How much do you want in extended hours.

    Up 30 is hilarious! Tomorrow will be more!!! 100% up room to go.

    So I just picked up some extra positions to play tomorrow open. Buy now and sell at open for 20+ NQ points. Pray for me. Thanks.

  3. newtoet


    Is there not a limit up on the future markets, as there is a limit down?
  4. Electronic Program Trading is halted on any LIMIT UP or LIMIT DOWN position and cannot be instituted until the market comes back a certain percentage.
  5. saxon


    I think the after hours limits are 50 pts for ES, and 65 pts for NQ. So there's still plenty of room to push 'em, if you guys want to do some more buying.


    (Where's my helmet...)
  6. NQ at around the highs it made lately.

    Interesting scenerios,

    - what will happen if it opens tomorrow higher then those previous highs

    - or, if it opens below those highs
  7. The capture of Saddam has just accelerated where we were heading, anyways. The resistance is still there but with a lot more buyers this time.

    Michael B.

  8. You can get clues from what is happening in the other markets to see if this news really "matters" -- dollar, bonds, oil, etc.