Nasdaq/NYSE Merger

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Brandonf, Dec 23, 2003.

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  3. Because NYSE will never do that.
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    I dunno, if I was a member of the NYSE Id love to get rid of the maket maker system. Also, Im sure many of the bigger trading desks wouldnt mind getting rid of it and just going the specialist route as well because its much more profitable for them.

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    rumor from a month ago started about naz considering posting quotes in listed stocks, and now the merger offer sounds more like an ultimatum than an offer. We are hearing the offer is merge or we'll take your market share.

  7. What do you think CAES is? Daaaaaaa.......
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    Naz is struggling and NYSE is not. It was dumb of Naz to show a sign of weakness by approaching NYSE.
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    CNBC just stated that the rumor is unfounded, based on Nasdaq's response.
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