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  1. Hey,

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a site that listed all the new listings on nasdaq each day or week. NYSE and AMEX do it on their websites, but nasdaq charges 500 a month for this data which used to be free.

    Any help in finding a list would be very greatly appreciated.

  2. Any ideas anyone?
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    Yes its NasdaQQQQ related and you may have though of it Praytorian2, but it ''bears'' repeating again this week.

    Semisector is nicely downtrending again /again;
    warm/hot as July 4th in Miami.:cool:
  5. Still have a ton of those Jan SMH 30 puts. I'm in the money by a few pennies. Bought them a few months back when SMH was in mid 30's. Mostly own long dated SPX puts though.
  6. Looks like the stopped updating this page. Any other suggestions?
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  8. Don't really trade based on it. Just like to know when something new is listed. Lots of times a new stock comes to market without all the fanfare of an IPO and it can be very cheap as a long term investment.

    THX for the help,

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    how's your trading been going? haven't seen you post in a while. You on another board?
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