Nasdaq is at a top

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  1. 1)Investor complacency, thinking the Fed will stop hiking rates soon, NOT
    2)FTSE breaks support lines
    3)Macroeconomic background bearish(i.e. bonds crashing....)
    4)We're in May...
    Primary target 2220
  2. Tech is lagging behind S&P 500. Yes, it hasn't go anywhere for the past few months, but it does not mean it's dead.
  3. The bulls are getting slaughtered! Hurray!
    Caution, my bear legions, as the media is bearish and the bulls are starting to feel desperate(or broke?) Keep an eye on intraday charts as bounces may occur.
    This means we prolly should not enter new short positions unless everything points that way(fundamentals, industry fundamentals, industry charts, and the chart of the company...)
    EDIT:But keep existing shorts... Thinking doesn't make you money. SITTING DOES.
  4. Where are thou bulls?
    Suddenly so quite, so odd...
  5. Bounce confirmed, accumulation day on Friday, bullish swing trade pattern, bonds strengthening, commodities weakening.
    Short term neutral. Long term bearish.
  6. I actually said I was neutral!
    Full out bearish! Bounces included, what you do now is sell into strength.
    Seems like my mind is getting soft listening to them bulls, now I'll unsubscribe from the bouncing threads...
  7. ginux


    i'm bearish too. oh well.
  8. Strong bounce anticipated.
    Bullish on ERS GS MA CCJ GG etc

  9. no offense, anyone I have known through the years who was so sure of themselves as you sound with bravado comments like the above post--- always got slaughtered. I've learned never to make haughty comments like you did above. It's seem to always be the kiss of death! Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of making market calls but you say it as if it's a foregone conclusion! Is it?

    So you must be backing up the truck short -- or is it just machismo!

    Good trading!

    p.s. have you found any Bulls since May 19?
  10. You're right, I've yet to learn. It was more of a joke since there were so many bulls at that time, I found it ironic...
    Anyways, you're right,I'll hopefully sound less arrogant in my posts later on.
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