Nasdaq in 2008

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Nasdaq 2008 forecasters?

  1. Let it ride another 3 years.

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  2. Find a new investment.

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  1. MRWSM


    I have a 3 year account expiring that was locked in the S&P 500. The deal was a cap on profits at 30% for 3 years but absolutely no risk to principle. Now they soured the deal a bit and lowered the cap to 25% for 3 years max but also added the Nasdaq as an option. Knowing that the markets have gone up so much and they lowered the profit cap to 25% and interest rates have gone up. Do you think this is worth letting it ride another 3 years or just find another investment. I just want to get a perspective of what people expect in 3 years. I'm leaning towards finding another solid investment for this amount.
  2. cakulev


    Although I am bullish short term, I am somewhat bearish for the next few years. Inverted/Flat yield curve is almost always bad sign.

    BTW, you do realize that you can structure that kind of deal yourself? Just combine call options + zero coupon bonds. It may save you some cent on their fees.:)
  3. MRWSM


    I realize I can come up with something that gives 100% security combining the correct proportion of stocks and bonds or long term CD. I never gave much thought to options though. I've never had any luck in options so I never explored them fully. Can you give me an example?
  4. cakulev


  5. MRWSM


    That's a great example. Basically risk free fearless trading knowing you can't lose. Although for myself I still would use stocks. The depreciation always seems to kill me in options, even when I'm 100% correct.
  6. What type of investment is this?

  7. MRWSM


    Stock Indexed GIC, I'm sure there's others out there.
  8. Nasdaq strong gain in 2008. Weak gains/losses from 2006-2007.