Nasdaq Down 25 Again Tuesday!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Oracle finished 17.44====people discoverd it is over-priced (no multiple expansion here).

    any good news for ppi is already priced into the market.

    like every freakin merger/acquisition is as well by now!

    asian markets sold off tonight.

    qqqq`s have been weak for a full month now.

    we just need this game of chicken to play once we start getting some losing days---the fund managers will stop thinking about bonuses and tax implications, and start thinking about preserving profits, which is what they should be doing in the first place, if they weren`t such greedy pigs that haven`t felt the wrath of a losing week in a long time!
  2. Moreagr


    are you in short? over your head??
  3. are you long? sucking air right now??

    Don`t everybody run for the exits at the same time today!!!
  4. you have to love "group think"!

    A bunch of mastadons going over a cliff.
  5. CME globex reports march Standard and Poors 500 index future SPH07 price down about 0.31 % now.

    I interpret the price of SPH07 as typical morning behavior.
  6. circuit city lowered forecast.====spin that bulls!
  7. Wetton


    You sound very frustrated and angry. But then again, you've been on the wrong side of the trade for so long that I guess it would make anyone angry.

    Revenge trading is a losing game. Let it go.

    As for myself, it's been a great year, and I'm off for the holidays with cash in hand. While I'm gone, you should start a few more threads about the market crashing. Here's a title for a new one "The dog barks at midnight, the markets are going to crash" or "I flipped a coin, heads means falling markets".

    Just having some fun with you. Let go of your anger and try to have a good holiday. Hell, who knows, I might just join you on the bear side in the New Year. Merry Christmas.
  8. there are just a bunch of stupid people in the market.--good for me though$$$$$$$$
  9. Looks like the PPI disappointment was brushed off.

    As someone said in another thread, we're in a state where bad news is good and good news is great. I suspect the Dow will be pushed to 12500 in the next day or two regardless of how bad the economic news is.
  10. Wetton


    Blue, how would you define stupid in the market:

    (a) The person who went long and made money this year and then cashed out.


    (b) The person who kept shorting a rising market and didn't make a dime (probably lost money). And kept calling everyone else stupid.

    Hmmm, which camp are you in?

    You need to let it go. Let go of your anger.
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