Nasdaq cuts ViewSuite to $14 from $150...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inandlong, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. what does that mean to you?
  2. I've found it helpful, but not enough to pay $150 .... $14 sounds like a good deal. Any more details?
  3. I found that the Level II Quotes (through were 'missing data' compared to PowerView....came to find out that they were missing the participants C & P, which are probably the ECNs? .... so, Powerview seemed like a more complete form of Level II. In fact, I don't understand why I person would want Level II quotes and then ECN books on top of that.....Powerview puts it all in one place ....

    I posted several messages here to hear what people thought about Powerview, but no one ever replied, which led me to believe that no one here uses Powerview, Totalview, etc....Maybe the $14 price tag will help!
  4. nitro


  5. It's amazing how this has been so screwed up, almost like they were trying to confuse people. Hmmm... Why would anyone pay for Lev II without ecn's? as far as I know RT displays them all and there is no $150 additional fee. Am I missing something?