nasdaq Chart very bullish

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  1. I am seeing a possible monday morning rally

    so far the markets have traded in a tight range on a gapdown which is bullish.

    Expect a large gap up rally on monday.

    no more bad new on the weekends

    oil keeps going lower

    terror under control

    no more fed for awhile

    weekend anticipation

    and a bullish gapdown

    tons of new jobs

    tons of revenue
  2. market closing very strong AGAIN

    nasdaq only down .70 percent and just 30 minutes ago it was down 1.06 percent for a gain of .36%

    this indicates the shorts are gonna get squeezed BIG TIME on monday..tons of buying into the close again

    stocks to buy:

    rimm, goog, aapl, tie, chap, ma, bidu, gs, amr, mama

    all rally huge more gains 2 come making money in the stock market is easy
  3. agreed...

    I don't know what's with all the people yelling about don't buy the dips.....

    I present to you the 100% guaranteed way to make money in this market...

    "Quote from Wayne Gibbous:

    Close your lips and buy those dips.
    Then bank those pips!!!

    Long 'em if they sink.
    You'll be rich in a wink!.

    Buy them if they Cramer.
    Don't be such a lamer!

    Grab that slam.
    Don't give a damn!

    Accrue on the Thud.
    You can't be a dud!

    Stocks catch a thwackin'?
    It's gold you'll be rackin'!"
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    next week will be interesting. Start of the earnings season with AA being the first DOW stock to report.
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    "no more bad new on the weekends"

    I never heard that being the case.

    oil should bounce back up next week.

    weekend anticipation????

    come on, I think you can do better than that.
  6. Im bearish. For the last 6 months, stocks have been rising under the assumption that the fed will cut. Meanwhile, every company was guiding up and then stating they would buy back stock (which they have no obligation to do so at all). In addition, everyone from the yahoo hacks to Jim Cramer to CNBC to Morningstar to the Motley Fool were pumping the stocks telling everyone to buy buy buy. Jim Cramer recently said not to worry, just to buy high and then sell higher.

    Now the earnings warnings are coming out and the horrible conference calls where the companies are confessing the earnings. We are finding out now that there is a mere 14% that the fed will cut rates this year. All those companies lied about buying back the stock or they actually bought it back and then handed it to insiders who then sold it at the end of the year.

    There was a segment on the Cramer show where a caller asked why all these small caps were diving 20-40% over the summer. It didnt seem like Cramer really knew. . . but I knew. All these small cap companies love to guide up and ramp the stock price, then their executives sell at the best price or they just backdate the options. Then the company comes crashing back down when they tell the truth during the conference call.

    Now its earnings confession season where all of the companies will have to tell the truth. Back to big 40% drops in one day.

    The Mastercard call will be interesting. Im betting that it wont go so well. All of the analysts have been guiding up and everyone expects great things. However, the court hearing is getting set for the AMEX lawsuit which wont be settled. It will be painful for Mastercard indeed.
    Now is not the time to be bullish.
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    Look at what the BKX did today, I think it is trying to tell us something...
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    All good posts from both bulls and bears...Happy first trading week of the year...

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    i shall respond line by line to Stock_trad3r's post to illustrate how two people looking at the same thing can come up with opposite conclusions:

    Stock_trad3r is in bold my rejoinder in lightface.

    I am seeing a possible monday morning rally

    so far the markets have traded in a tight range on a gapdown which is bullish.
    Unfortunately, the S&P was in free-fall much of the day which is bearish.

    Expect a large gap up rally on monday. When may we expect a gap up? Answer: Always.

    no more bad new on the weekends Well, OK.

    oil keeps going lower But this am it was the only green sector in a sea of red.

    terror under control By definition, terror can never be under control.

    no more fed for awhile Which gives the market time to anticipate the next rate increase which will be needed to support the dollar in spite of a weakening economy.

    weekend anticipation whatever that means?

    and a bullish gapdown or perhaps a bearish gap down.

    tons of new jobs Unfortunately the market hates full employment!

    tons of revenue we begin the warnings season with MOT.
  10. I got similar replies when i gave my bullish case months ago

    What has to be understood is the markets have rallied for the past 3 years on rate increases.

    Rate increases are nothign new to this market.

    it is earnings which have really improved.

    Sure MOT had a lousy number but it was the jobs report whihc drageed the market lower. but this is temp.

    During the 90's rally unemplyment was very low and rates were increasing, yet the market rallied anyway because of hype and the alot of blue chip stocks and tech stocks were very undervalued.

    Same will happen here
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