Nasdaq are a bunch of crooks!

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  1. Frigging bastards....bust two pennies on ERIC this morning.....Two pennies from the fricking low.....any one else get screwed on that deal....or did they just decide to take some action so they can show that they are infact regulating the markets.

    perhaps a firm had a large stop order that triggered upon breaking the point....and they get a Do OVER. I don't know....

    What I do know...and the problem here...there is no's whatever the f&%k they decide to bust. They busted .98 and below....why not .99....why not the point?

    Who overseas marketwatch....who can I complain too?

    Of course...when the shoes on the other foot...and your stuck with a monster lose there too....complete BS!

    Here's a flash for you nasdaq....if you're going to bust....then bust the whole event. Better yet.....keep the trades as's suppose to be a never bust trades on me when I'm on the wrong side of the event.
  2. Maverick74 has many connections and many friends...sorry to see that it had to happen over a Monday morning trade. I would be careful trading this afternoon...
  3. I guess no one else got hit by that.....they busted .02 of trades for that entire move.....WTF are they thinking?
  4. What does "bust .02 of trades" mean?

  5. The low tick was .97 on that move.....they busted the .97 and .98 trades....the rest of the $2 move was allowed to stand.

    Who the hell are these schmucks to decide that those two prints get busted, and everything else stands. Then, what's worse, they get back to you an hour or so later, maybe more, and tell you the trades busted. Complete Bullshit....and now, you are left uncovered on half of that position... and getting screwed on that a winning trade becomes a loser.

    Of course...if price continued lower.....the trade is allowed to stand!
  6. was the .98 and .97 prints >1.0 points away from the previous legit print? i've seen countless times where trades get busted b/c they were >1 pt from the previous print.

    ie someone f&*ks up and throws an order out >1pt OUT of the money and get's hit... they complain and the trade gets busted. essentially they are getting rewarded for being a dumbass, and the person who's quick enough to see, AND HIT, that opporunity then gets screwed.

    personally i htink anything withing 10-15pts should be counted as legit. if you f'k up, then you f'k up and take your medicine... don't screw someone else b/c of your dumbass mistake.
  7. Although it is NOT exactly the same thing, it reminds me of the time back in 2000 when a false negative press release came out and sent Emulex (now ELX) stock from over $100 to under $50 within 2 hours from the open...huge volume changing hands, tons of people dumping on the false release and tons of people putting their money on the line and buying into this falling knife..stock gets halted, company asserts the press release was fake, and stock reopens later that day around $100 or so. They didnt break those trades and the ones who bought into the madness were rewarded.

    "The Nasdaq said all trades conducted prior to the trading halt will stand.

    Losers are Emulex shareholders who felt the release was real and sold the shares as they tanked--only to watch helplessly as the hoax was discovered and the shares recovered. "
  8. Just thought I'd point out the following. This quote is from your link:

    (113.06 - 43.00) / 113.06 = approximately 0.61967

    Fibonacci strikes again...

  9. lol, yea, after breaking every support level between 113 and 43, the stock must have met its match when it hit that invincible wall of Fibonnaci buyers lurking at the 0.61967 level !!
  10. Put enough fib levels out there and the market is BOUND to hit one of them.
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