nasdaq after hrs today 8pm

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Engine99, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Is this a bad after hrs quote on many nasdaq stocks today?
    e.g. intel, msft, grmn, qcom, vrtx, .... or did they all shoot up at 8 pm eastern time?

    Nasdaq/IB/TOS/Yahoo finance all report the same after hrs quote, but then again if Nasdaq quotes it wrong they all probably show it wrong too.
  2. CET


    Yes it is a bad quote. Occasionally you get this, even during regular trading hours, where a price from earlier in the day prints. Sometimes it happens repeatedly for a while and is very annoying. It must be a nasdaq glitch.
  3. delayed NAS prints. happens alot AH
  4. I figured. I've just never seen it on such a broad range of stocks at the very end of the day. I figured it's either a bad print, and/or a system glitch or the chinese are buying up all nasdaq equities ;)