Nasdaq 100 stocks+ more

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kalzayani, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys
    started this thread for the generation of forecasts of trends and levels for all nasdaq 100 stocks
    + gld...slv...etc

    where the orange line points is where the general trend seems to be (Best I can do now)

    Some times the trend is north + the stock is overbought for a while
    the zipped file contains 100 + stocks
    lots of stocks want to correct
    i suggest you download and extract into a folder then take a look
    the brackets on top suggest the high and low for the time being
    (P.I at 2 sigma)
    if the stock is pointing north and the level now is below the orange line...Might wanna Buy.
  2. these are stocks for a friend
    you can download them if you like
    with the same as above
    Jana....these are your stocks