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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by MGB, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. MGB


    When using Nasdaq 100 Futures to follow the direction of the market, how do I know what symbol to use?

    ND something???

    Does the symbol change every 3 months? If so, how do I know what the new symbol is? When does it change over?

  2. tntneo

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    it depends on your data provider..

    the symbol is the symbol for the e-mini : NQ
    with the month symbol and year [all these have different representation depending on your data vendor].
  3. on livecharts the naz 100 e-mini is NQ01U.. 01 is the year, H = march, M = june, U = september, and Z = december.
    also, SP01U for S&P 500 futures,
    ND01U for nasdaq 100 futures,
    ES01U for S&P 500 e-mini. other vendors may use a format like SP01U\ or SPU01..
  4. MGB


    Ok, then... ND01U

    When do I switch from ND01U to ND01Z ?

  5. Magna

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    Ok, then... ND01U

    The current symbol in CyberTrader is /NDU1 which will be switching to /NDZ1 sometime around September. Don't know the exact date, but it's obvious in my fut charts because they suddenly look like crap, missing data, etc. Then I know it's time to switch ;)
  6. m_c_a98


    This might help:

    Futures symbols:

    ES - E-Mini S&P
    SP - Big (full contract) S&P
    NQ - E-Mini Nasdaq 100
    ND - Big (full contract) NASDAQ 100

    quarterly symbols are:

    H ---- March expiration
    M ---- June expiration
    U -----September expiration
    Z ---- December expiration

    this is for Qcharts and maybe others...