Nasdaq 100 Futures or EMini QQQ

Discussion in 'Trading' started by deadreader, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. I trade only Nasdaq stocks, and would like to keep an eye on the Nasdaq futures chart during the day...would substituting EMini QQQs do the trick, or should I stick with the real CME Futures (ND03U)......

    Thanks for your opinions......
  2. jay567


    the nq (emini) would be a better leading indicator than the nd.

    the nq did over 5.075 million contracts in volume in may compared to the nd, which did only 331K contracts. keeping in mind that the nq is 1/5 the size of the nd, the nq still did far more in terms of dollars traded than the full sized contract.
  3. I was hoping to hear that; Why pay for the nd at $50 when the nq ($15) will work great......I trade strictly Nasdaq stocks, as stupid as that is, and I want to keep an eye on the futures as the seem to move way before the Nasdaq Comp itself..........
  4. What is the symbol, for example, for QCharts for the Emini QQQ? Thanks again...
  5. jay567


    there is no emni qqq... the emini is a smaller version of the nasdaq 100 futures contract.

    the symbol for the emini nasdaq 100 is NQ U3 but on thursday its gonna change to NQ M3.
  6. Vas62


    Actually opposite. NQ M3 is going to change to NQ U3.
  7. I've been out of the game since the PDT rule came into effect, strictly swingtrading, for the last year and a half...I'm getting back in the game and I've got a lot to learn...going to take it real slowly........I appreciate your help, I know you didn't have to bother........
  8. Pabst


    You got that backwards Jay. Thursday's rollover will make NQ U3 the lead month. M=June, U=Sept:)
  9. jay567


    my mistake... i'm just used to using "#f".

    one more thing... i think for qcharts the symbol is reversed ~ instead of "m3" i think its "3m" but its been a while since i've used qcharts.