NASD Scalping Question

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  1. One problem with Level 2 is the ability to post fake bids /offers or the ability to hide your size with reserve orders

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  2. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

    Good trading to all of you.:)
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  3. The specialists post fake bids and offers quite often. An offer is there,you go to take it and you get bid there without any stock trading there. A bid is there and you go to hit it,and you get offered there.As far as hiding size goes, do you think the specialist shows his hand,let alone the floor brokers?
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  4. Turlo


    With the advent of NX, listed stocks can be great for scalping (up to 1000 shares). Look for volume in a stock that moves 2 - 3 points a day.
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  5. Are they one and the same?

    If not, what are the differences?

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