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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fast, Sep 26, 2001.

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    I just discovered:
    - the NASD Regulation website, with
    - a section on the new daytrading rules, and
    - a new article on the new daytrading rules.


    If you are interested in keeping an eye out for potential new regulations (which seems to be a good idea these days), this seems to be a place to watch.

    Interestingly, it has a headline banner that says "Regulating the securities industry for the benefit and protection of investors." I am beginning to think that should that be "....for the benefit and protection of the big, traditional brokerages and well-intented, but misguided congressmen."


    I realize a lot of you are probably very tired of hearing about this, but I am still angry :mad: about it and trying to understand it, so I am still researching it. Maybe I get over it soon.

    One of the most interesting parts to me is a page with an overall summary of the comments about the new regs and, at the bottom, a summary of each and every comment. Nearly all the comments opposed the rules, but NASD rolled right over them in its response.

    **NEW ARTICLE ON DAYTRADING RULES:{B7010662-0C4A-4C3A-BE89-314B0270EADE}&siteid=mktw


    P.S. to Baron - When I was previewing my post, I clicked on each link to make sure they all worked. It was so easy. That is a really nice capability to have!! Thank you.
  2. Good Post. Thanks for the Info/Links, very useful to a UK trader looking to swing trade US stocks.