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Discussion in 'Trading' started by mcelitetrader, Nov 29, 2006.

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    I'm watching NASD on my level II for NYSE listed stocks. It seems more volume is going through NASD over the NYSEbook. Anyone have a method of posting or using this route. I had a method but it is no longer posting there. If I post with Inet will that join the NASD group and be hit as and NASD print?

    Ive been trading for a while and feel my basics are shaky when I can find this answere. Nobody at customer service can satisfactorily answer this question. It seems to combine inet and chic into a group (the addition of Inet, CHIC always seems to be slightly off). My time and sales only shows NASD, NYSE, and ARCA prints but not inet specifically. Are inet prints going off as NASD?

    Thanks for the help to any helpful replies...yours in trading.
  2. Are you kidding? Do you trade? I mean I hope that you do not trade equities with real money... I am not answering your question .... do a search... it is scary how little people know before putting money at risk... this is simple execution... nevermind startegy...
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    This is what elitetrader is for.....A search does not come up with this information. Dont get on your high horse....Answer the question...If you'll take the time to read and respond then give me an answer instead of hot air.

    Anyone else ?
  4. Ok... here is the deal... you are right... When trading (listed) aka NYSE you can use ARCA and INEt both interact with NYSE open book... however you will get ecn liquidity theb be routed to the exchange... I mean your question is so basic and does nto even make much sense... sorry.
  5. Hey buddy,

    Do you have access to BRUT ? BRUT is NAS on the level 2 screen. Inet will not hit anything but itself. Inet only matches orders within its own book, as far as I know. Arca routes every where. But you cannot specify arca to hit nasd specifically. Just use BRUT and you get an instant fill on NASD. Tell me if that helps.
  6. No INET will interact... with both...
  7. Yes, you're right, what I meant to say was that inet looks for the best price in its own book first and then it routes out. This can take a few seconds. But, I'm just saying that you don't have to use inet if you can go directly thru BRUT, since there can be a lag while inet tries to match in its own book first.
  8. Agreed... I am prefer Arca... seems to work the best for listed names...
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    Thanks scalper, I use inetdot and yes it sweeps inetbook then lands on the nysebook if it misses.

    I dont have brut with my current setup. Are there any other ways to route through to NASD ?
  10. You should not even be trading... thank for your money
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