NASA's Voyager 2 spaceship 'hijacked by aliens'

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DeltaSpread, May 18, 2010.

  1. Ever since I watched that National Geographic high def documentary with Alec Baldwin providing commentary, I have believed its pretty crazy that we have devices out there traveling and floating through the ends of infinite space giving a big shout out and welcome to anyone and everyone, along with a map to our solar system enabling folks to find us.

    Voyager 2 after 30+ years of space travel is NOW sending streams of data back to us. Who is the sender??

    (Voyager 1 now in over three decades of non-stop space travel is Heliosphere bound, potentially on the cusp of what is popularly called "the final frontier." This is absolutely mind blowing.)
  2. it'll be mind-blowing when it reaches another solar system, which at this rate will probably not happen before mankind becomes extinct. it has traveled less than 0.002 light years since its launch.
  3. Crazy stuff. Do you think some where on some place out there that someone or something has the capable technology of traveling through space similar to the experience of how you and I would hop a plane from NYC with a 8 hour commute to reach the west coast? In other words how much shorter could a light year (our coined term) be for an intelligent being on the outskirts of who knows where with superior technology and evolution than us.
  4. Cool . Send that shit out there.

    Whats the worst that can happen-we get destroyed by aliens, before we do it for ourselves?

    Lets fight some little (or large) aliens. Yeah!!YEAH!! Or, communists.

    Oh wait, the odds an alien species will be
    A) Entirely benevolent
    b)Intent on Earth's destruction
    c)An Amoebic bacteria, of some sort.

    Is what, anyone care to calculate the odds?