Nasa to make new major announcement about discovery on Mars

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Mar 22, 2004.

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  2. Unfortunately, given NASA's recent performance (or lack thereof), they'll probably be announcing that they've lost both Mars rovers - something like having computed the planned course in feet but sent the control program up designated in meters and they ran off the edge of cliffs.
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  3. :D
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  4. Rumor spreads that the conference was canceled because the major announcement was that there is oil on Mars.

    As a consequence, Donald Rumsfeld will host the new press conference where he will declare Mars member of the axis of evil.
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  5. Hi Aphie,

    What is a fundamentalist?

    Why should somebody have to change their belief "system" in terms of Genesis?

    They found so much junk on earth already that nobody can make any sense of anyway. Some oddity at Mars doesn't amount to anything compared to the heap of rubble called "scientific evidence" on earth. Genesis is not a university textbook on paleontology. This kind of thing changes every 100 (nay is it only 10?) years or so. Till "scientists", in spite of NASA, come up with a more decent story, Genesis will still do for quite a while.

    Let's keep dumping our taxes into NASA's crazy adventures. (Gordon Gekko doesn't contribute cause he doesn't make any money). I just read about how Boeing managed to scrape together all the "junk companies" that used to be active in the "space arts". Serious doubts exist as to whether any serious project still could be mounted in any credible way. How the heck will they ever get to Mars? Ten years ago or so they had a lot of engineers come out of retirement to help out. These days, calling them up once more seems to be laughable. Those guys are all devoutly reading their Genesis. :cool:

    Be good,


    P.S. read
    "Lack of preparation [at NASA's - corollary: SEND MORE MONEY!]

    In hindsight, astronomers say the episode reveals a system not prepared to properly find and evaluate small asteroids that could hit Earth within hours or days of being spotted."
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  6. you have no idea of what you speak..but i'm not going to get into it and i don't want to ruin this thread, anyway....

    all i will say is, for someone my age, the amount of money i've paid in taxes is probably in the top 5%. in my lifetime, i will probably be in the top 2%.
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  7. Gordon,

    I simply go by what you posted here around mid-2003. You were acting like a cry-baby about being ruined at the market game, swearing never to take it up again. Nononsense wept so much for you. I was going to send you a $5 bill but couldn't find your address. If you got rich in the meantime, God bless you! In which case I'm truly sorry.

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