NASA Probe Offers Close Inspection of Uranus

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  1. Yeah I know that was a while ago, just wanted to put that in the title! :D

    Of course I'm talking about New Horizon. Past Pluto now, 4 billion miles away. Looking at this funky object called Ultima Thule. How they found, tracked and rendezvoused with a 21 mile long object 4 billion miles away is some serious science.

  2. That joke always makes me crack up. :D
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    Me too, ever since I was at school. Mind you, black holes are a fascinating subject.........
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  4. All juvenile but still funny jokes aside, they are a fascinating cosmic phenomenon.
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    What is even cooler is how one can kinda' get an idea on how earth's moon formed from that photo, as it clearly looks like two separate objects that have gravitationally attracted each other and are now touching. Imagine if they were WAYYY more massive, and when the two collide over time they eject a small chunk away, but that small chunk gets caught in the parasitic gravity of the main body and winds up in orbit around it.
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  6. That didn't even occur to me when I was looking at the picture, thank you for pointing it out!