NASA Discovers 700 new planets - 140 similar to Earth

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  1. we know there's no intelligent life on this planet but maybe on one of those :D
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    interesting, but how do they expect to solve the actual problem of getting to any of them? there could be a million earths. if we cant get to any of them then its pointless.
  3. right! it's physically impossible to travel large distances.

    our only means of pssible commun is radio waves
  4. The new Kepler Mission has discovered 700 new planets, 140 of which are expected to be similar to Earth.

    Yo, I wonder if they need any bonds, treasuries, that sort of thing.:cool:
  5. We have to discover them before we can get to them...

    In time, I am sure we will be able to get to them. Think about life 100 years ago. Who would have thought it was possible to land rovers on Mars, send satellites to Pluto, etc.? Eventually man will travel great distances in space. It might not be for hundreds of years, but it will happen.

    When you think about it, Star Wars type space travel is not totally unrealistic. We already can send satellites up there to photograph planets that are great distances away, it's only a matter of time until we begin to travel great distances as well.
  6. that's more a matter of faith than fact. human being "expire" :D
  7. but why are we still using conventional propulsion to power our spacecraft, after all these years, voyager has just made it out of the solar system, if we had launched a nuclear propelled probe, we could be much further along right now, there is just no interest in advancing this.
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    I wonder what their females look like.
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    I'm going to start watching star trek and try to reverse engineer the warp engine.
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