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  1. I have a trading strategy that scans 500 stocks for buy/sell triggers

    On any given day it can return 30-50 symbols. If I do not have the buying power to take positions in all of these positions...can anyone suggest a way to narrow down the list?

    What do you think about randomizing the list totally and taking a position in the max number I can get into?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    I thought about using Beta as a qualifier and only trading the lower beta stocks, but as I posted earlier, I see such a huge discrepancy in the beta values that websites are spitting out.
  2. How about volume? More volume might mean less slippage.
  3. Good idea...let me add something else

    If I get 30 BUYS and 20 SELLS.... it would be a good idea to keep that ratio when narrowing down, right?

    My plan is to hedge the unbalanced side with would you suggest (assuming I want to trade 10 stocks) to:

    A) pick 5 buys, 5 sells, so I am essentially market neutral, or:

    B) keep the trigger ratio, buy 6, sell 4, and sell the SPY (2x) to hedge evenly?
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    To be neutral you should be more concerned about the correlation between you buys and sells.

    So say if you have a base of 500 stocks build a correlation matrix and test trading the 5 pairs with the strongest correlation and opposite signals.