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  1. Has anybody every used RT TRADER or RT TRADER PRO by NAQ. While searching for data providers I came across their website at I don't work for them, nor am I trying to promote them. I just want to know if they're any good.
  2. Their feed is reasonably priced and
    works ok in real-time side by side comparing to
    other internet feeds.
  3. ifriend


    I've been using rt trader realtime thru NAQ for over a year.
    My setup includes 3 monitors with 16 real time charts
    across the 3 of them. I use all type of charts including multi tick and minute charts. I am totally satisfied with their delievery and the few times that I had a technical question,dialed their 800 support number and received clarity within 5 minutes of my call.

    I recommend them
  4. Thanks ifrend, I'll give them a call.