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  1. There has ben some discussions about NAQ some time ago but I'd like get recent feedback. How is the NAQ feed in general especially for NQ/ES? Are there any delays compared to your brokers' feed (especially for IB users)? How reliable is their feed in general? Do they have problems when the market volume surge? How often does their network go down in a week?

    I'm a Tradestation user and not happy with th efeed at all. Now they have direct CME feeds so usually NQ/ES is at most half second behind IB. However, I think their network has some serious problems. I'd say it goes down (or something weird would happen with the charts) about 1-2 times a week
    for short periods and then it'll have a major breakdown about once in two weeks. It's almost given that if the volume surges the chart would start updating.

    I'm planning to switch to Neoticker and feed it with NAQ. I also thought about feeding Neoticker with E-signal but it is more expensive. Both e-signal and NAQ have direct feeds from the exchanges. I wonder which datafeed is more reliable between the two?

  2. I'm not sure about the futues feed, but quote speed and reliability is comparable with eSignal from my experience with it. Far better than Price wise it's about the same price as eSignal equities basic i think.
  3. Trade_addict,

    Thanks for the feedback. I like your handle! I guess we're all here trade addicts in a way :)