Napolitano cancels Border Fence, proposes "Open Border"

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    Today Janet Napolitano canceled the high-tech border fence project after hundreds of millions of dollars have already been spent.

    This adminstration clearly wants free immigration by mexicans and anyone else as they are perceived to be democrats in their political affiliation. The left has abandoned Democracy and seek to stack the deck in their favor for perpetuity.
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    I still say laying a mine field along the border is the best solution. :mad:
  3. Looks like they need another spanking in 2012... apparently they didn't learn from their spanking in November.
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    I don't think you realize the other guys also benefit mightily from cheap labor, in fact, they create it.
  5. "The project, called "Virtual Fence," was rolled out under the Bush administration in 2006 with much fanfare about how technology could help secure the border. Illegal immigrants crossing the border would be detected by a radar and picked up by remote cameras, which were monitored by border patrol agents.

    But numerous internal and Congressional reviews found consistent performance problems with the project's systems, which only spanned 53 miles of the vast U.S.-Mexico border."

    Sounds like another beloved Republican pork barrel project.
  6. So? Then fix it or come up with a better plan and knock off the foot dragging and lawsuit against Arizona. If we could put a man on the moon over 40 years ago we can certainly secure our border now... if we want to.
  7. What is so hard about securing the border?

    Chinese have had their great wall made of mud up for hundreds of years.
    Bring on a few thousand mexican yard workers. Pay them $1 an hour and have them dig a mote and build a 30' x 30' wall. it will take less than a year and be done for under $100M.

    Or you can contract Haliburton who will use union labor and stretch it out for 20 years at a cost of $100M per mile.

    What about our Northern Border? Damn canadians are sneaking in and buying up our cheap cigarettes.
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    Lol, love it. : )
  9. That is your reaction......

    Now here is something REAL to get worked up about;

    Do a real "gut check" and see if you are still FIXATED on the WRONG things in life! :cool:
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    Relatively cheap and extremely effective.
    1) Our federal government NEVER EVER does ANYTHING in a simple cost affective manner.

    2)Despite all the promises and rhetoric to the contrary our federal government does NOT want a secure border. Politicians just say that to help get themselves elected. A tactic which will continue to work as long as the voters are stupid/naive enough to let it.

    "Responsibility from the federal government to secure our borders: The Obama administration takes this responsibility very seriously and has dedicated unprecedented resources to securing our borders and reducing the flow of illegal traffic in both directions."

    -- Another one of Dumbo's hollow promises.
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