nano proprietary

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  1. Interesting that this (nnpp.ob) was mentioned in the WSJ article by eisinger (see below thread)

    This has been ranging from $2-2.50 after a selloff in April from $4 when a CNBC squawk box appointment was cancelled by the CEO after a copyright infringement suit was filed against Canon for intellectual property infringement.

    CEO bought 100K shares on 8/5 for an undisclosed amount, increasing his stake from 21K to 121K shares. (

    Proof of concept of a 25" carbon nanotube screen TV shown on their website. Sure, its not something you would ever buy in its raw state, but the press release suggests manufacturing up to an 80" screen.

    Broke out of long term sideways channel yesterday. Currently trading about $2.60.

    Anyone have any carefully considered opinions on this puppy?