Nanny State Madness: California‘s Proposed ’Fitted Sheet’ Law

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  1. Nanny State Madness: California‘s Proposed ’Fitted Sheet’ Law
    Posted on August 15, 2011 at 8:48am by Mike Opelka

    When California’s elected officials come back from their month-long recess they face a mountain of proposed legislation (almost 900 bills are lined up and waiting), including a new law (SB432) that would require hotels to eliminate flat sheets. Not having fitted sheets on hotel beds would now be a crime in California. This is not a joke. . .

    California, the state trying to deal with a massive $26 BILLION dollar debt, is considering a law that some hospitality industry experts claim would add an estimated $15 to $30 million dollars in costs to an already hurting hotel industry. The low-end estimate of fifteen million is the projected cost to purchase new fitted sheets for the 550,000 hotel beds in the state. Of course the hospitality industry is claiming that these added costs will hurt their business and put jobs at risk.

    The fitted-sheet bill is the brainchild of State Senator Kevin De Leon (a Democrat from Los Angeles), whose mother suffered back pains while working as a hotel maid. Kevin has been quoted as saying this was “an issue close to my heart.” It is also a bill that has the support of Big Labor. Sen. De Leon’s bill passed through the State Senate in June, but not before some spirited debate, including a statement from one of the two dissenters, State Senator Sam Blakeslee;

    “We are now going to make it a crime in California not to use a fitted sheet? Really?”
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    This is crazy. Fitted sheets are already clogging our landfills. This is akin to forcing the grocery store to use plastic bags.

    Fitted sheets will last in our landfills for thousands of years without ever decomposing. Since fitted sheets have no corners, there is no place for the bacteria get a hold and start decomposing the cotton fitted sheet. And silk and polyester fitted sheets will be in our landfills long after Uranium 231 has completely become inert.

    I say no to the fitted sheet law. Our children and our children's children demand that the environment be saved from the fitted sheet.

  3. That's almost as bizarre as the proposed law :p
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    So, you liked my rebuttal, then. :D
  5. I think he was channeling Tom Robbins.
  6. I dont get it, what is the benefit here? and what does putting sheets on a bed have anything to do with a bad back? I'm lost.
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    I suspect this goes to workman's comp claims being filed by service workers hurting themselves lifting mattresses. Apparently mattress size has been growing faster than the strength of the lifters.
  8. Ok, but why r they lifting, just tuck the sheet under with your fingers.
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    I think the premise is that there is less lifting of the mattress and bending over and tucking of the sheet if the bottom sheet is a fitted sheet.

    It's nothing a legislature should be remotely concerned about.

    Besides, the solution is obvious. Hire shorter maids! :D
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    You do not live in the strange, alternative reality that California Democrats do.
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