Nancy Pelosi

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  1. Her press conference is not going well.

    I think she will be hung out to dry by both parties.
  2. Lucrum


    She needs to borrow a good teleprompter.
  3. If she goes away both parties get better.

  5. I think the gloves dropped when she called out the CIA as a bunch of liars.

    Will be interesting to watch.

    I agree seneca, we'd all be better off without her.
  6. Much ado about nothing. So what if she was told in 2002? Was she speaker of the house in 2002? No. Was she majority leader? No. Was she minority leader? No. She was minority whip in 2002 (she was also a ranking member of the intelligence committe)

    In 2002 the country was insane, W became some kind of magical hero and realistically he got anything he wanted, even if she wanted to object, it would have fallen on deaf ears and she would be immediately labeled as "helping the terrorists" win. Democrats got smoked in 2002&2004 congressional elections precisely because people believed republicans were "tougher on terrorism". It is a laughable assertion but back then (and even some now) people genuinely believed in that crap.

    Many democrats did not object to a lot of things in 2002 not because they did not feel otherwise but because the political climate in the country was insane and irrational.
  7. OMG-I think we are in for a steel cage match between CIA and Pelosi.

    She claims CIA lied to her and that in the infamous briefing the the dittoheads keep referring to she was told waterboarding was determined to be legal but not being used when in fact CIA was waterboarding.

    Both sides are asking for notes of that briefing to be released.


    Those who think Pelosi will fail should remember she comes from the hard knock world of Baltimore politics (her dad was mayor for 12 years) and is no shrinking violet.

  8. It's gonna be dirty, that's for sure.

    Time to make some popcorn!
  9. Pelosi vs. CIA. She will lose.
  10. Agree plus she really looked bad during the press conference like she really didn't believe what she was saying.

    Will be fun to watch.

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