NAncy pelosi thinks rising gasoline price is due to speculators

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  1. Pelosi doesn't really "think"... she merely spews Socialist propaganda.

    I'd go for $10/gal gas if it would assure getting rid of Odumbo, Reid, Peolsi, et al in the next election.
  3. you have some evidence there and i agree with you BUT im appaled at the fact that she doesnt even consider that the rise has ANYTHING AT ALL to DO WIT HTHE FUCKING PRESENCE OF THE US MILITARY IN MID EAST AND TENSIONS WITH IRAN ITS AS IF she doesnt even fuckign know any of that is going on, so yes the "speculators" are pricing that in BUT WHY SHOULDNT THEY is she that fucking absent minded.
  4. true. every republican candidate except ron paul has promised to attack iran. it has to cause oil problems.
  5. clacy


    Bingo. 90% of the time every single thing out of a politician's mouth is purely for political advantage and will be completely skewed away from the truth.

    She knows full well that the price of gas is because of money printing.
  6. and excuse my caps lock, it wasnt directed at you but rather nancy pelosi lmao... what a dumb bitch
  7. clacy


    LOL you think crude would be lower if Iran was running rough shot over the ME? You do realize that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, etc are all covertly pro-US presence right?

    Look at the areas where we don't heavily influence.... Somolia, Iran, Syria are not exactly stabilizing forces in the ME.
  8. And Nazi Pelozi and Oh-Bomb-Ya aren't exactly anti-war, either.
  9. To add insult to injury, that b*tch profits from insider trading, laws she helps craft that increase her investments/reduce her taxes, etc. She's not a speculator--that would mean taking big risks. She's a crony capitalist who profits handsomely from a rigged game. Ultimate hypocrisy.

    And it's funny how the usually maligned Goldman are suddenly "experts" when they take aim at "speculators."


    + money printing = Occam's Razor = a much better explanation than a GS "study."
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