Nancy Pelosi is digging a deep hole

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    At first glance I thought the thread title read: "Nancy Pelosi has a big hole."
  2. Someone should make a video comparing the facial expressions of Pelosi and Charles Manson. She almost always looks psychotic even under normal conditions.
  3. Supreme Great Mother Pelosi is a default, this means that no wrong doing on her part could have occurred.
    It was Bush.

    Move along now..............
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    Tomkins, it was said, could walk into a post office, go over to the "Wanted" posters, and, just by looking at mug shots, tell you what crimes the various fugitives had committed.

    cont. on link..

    (There are video libraries of facial expressions and what the mean)


    Really though, I often wondered, these "experts" I'm sure ply their craft in todays politics, why wouldn't they? But we never hear the results of their opinions.
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    So she was briefed on all the forms of torture except waterboarding... heck, then it's ok. She should get together with the CIA guys at the Bilderberger meeting and have drinks. Maybe they can make up a better story for her at least...
  6. Pelosi is not only dumb as a rock, she's even worse than that - she's a giant, f'ing hypocrite.

    Anyone who reads financial publications knows that she's tied into the criminal element on Wall Street through her husband.
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    cool article!
  8. It's the exact same reason the polygraph does not stand up in court. People think that deception analysis/micro expressions however common they are under certain situations is simply random BS.

    The only way deception analysis could be held with more relevancy is if a majority of people actually understood the expressions, patterns and situations. However that is impossible because we Americans let ourselves be deceived on a daily basis.

    Hence the miracle diet product.

    Hence politicians.
  9. Hence global warming and swine flu.
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