Nancy Pelosi expected to arrive in Taiwan on Tuesday Evening

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    Just what the thread title said:

    Let's see if she makes it there safely. Apparently Chinese warplanes are flying close to the dividing line between mainland China and Taiwan according to the article. Shares are already down in some Asian exchanges. Wonder how it's going to fare in North America here.

    Will be looking forward to seeing some volatility. The market was getting a bit boring there.
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  2. maxinger


    Will China test fire hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles from China,

    over Taiwan airspace,
    over Guam airspace,
    make a 30-degree left turn,
    over Hawaii airspace,
    over US airspace

    and then into the North Atlantic Ocean?

    North Korea has fired some missiles over Japan's airspace.
    Russia has fired some hypersonic missiles at Ukraine.
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  3. TheDawn


    We will see. According to CNN, US defense officials are working around the clock monitoring China's military movement and securing military plans to ensure Pelosi's safe arrival.
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  4. Specterx


    Very, very dangerous situation. With the West embroiled vs Russia, the bitterly divided US headed by an increasingly senile geriatric, and US military strength plunging (between radical leftist theological indoctrination, and the discharge of thousands for vax noncompliance) right now is an excellent moment for China to strike. On top of everything else, Xi may need a nice little war to seal the deal on his coronation.

    If Pelosi does go to Taiwan, I'd put the odds of a shooting war at 50-50.
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  5. VicBee


    She certainly has more balls than all these tough talking Republicans barking at China from the safety of their gov offices
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  6. Does she have the new map of Taiwan?
  7. Please fly over the Bermuda triangle on the way back.
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  8. SunTrader


    Which would then take her right over Mar-A-Lamo - so she can flush some "blue ice" down upon it. Right?

    Though Gingrich has it right, that China is bluffing. And LOL NYTimes opinion wrong, that visit is reckless. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

    Another one of these questionable "Wall Street News" threads.
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  9. Aisone


    Supposed to arrive at 10:20am EST, or be shark bait there abouts.
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    I love what you've done with the place.
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