Nancy Lanza, Shooter's Slain Mother: "(He) Is Getting Worse"

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    A drinking buddy of Lanza told The Daily News that her son Adam had long been troubled and rarely came up in conversation.

    “She just looked down at the glass and said, ‘I don’t know. I’m worried I’m losing him,’” said the bar pal, who did not wish to be named, of the ominous conversation at the bar My Place in Newtown, Conn.

    “She said it was getting worse. She was having trouble reaching him.”

    Nancy Lanza was the first person killed in the attack that claimed 26 other lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.

    Officials say she was shot four times in the head, and was discovered in her bed wearing pajamas.

    Prior reports indicate that the gunman, Adam Lanza, had a difficult time feeling both emotional and physical pain. Within the past year, he had apparently taken to burning himself repeatedly.

    The New York Daily News continues:

    “Nancy told me he was burning himself with a lighter. In the ankles or arms or something,” [the friend] recalled of a conversation they had about a year ago. “It was like he was trying to feel something.”

    “It was weird. She never really talked about (Adam),” he said. “She mainly talked about her oldest kid (Ryan). I knew about the other one but she never spoke much about him.

    “She looked disturbed. She was looking down at her glass and kind of talking slowly,” he added [of their conversation last week].

    Nancy’s morose disposition could not have been more out of character.

    “You have to know Nancy to know how weird that was,” he said. “She was just always so full of life.”

    As she lamented her son’s deteriorating mental state, the drinking buddy took a phone call. When he started chatting with her again, the subject had changed and Nancy was acting her normal, happy self.

    The anonymous pal remembered Nancy as a die-hard Red Sox fan who had season tickets to Fenway Park. She “was a country girl” who loved to hunt with a falcon that would scare game she’d blast out of the sky.
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    I must have missed the part in this story where one of these geniuses came up with the idea of getting this weirdo kid some mental help.
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    She apparently did not lock up her guns or employ a safe for storage. That is crazy in itself.
  4. She was prepping for Mayan Doomsday. The ironic thing is it really came true for her.
  5. Tragic as the shooting was... and as sick as it makes all of us feel...

    It's still not an excuse to abolish the 2nd Amendment.

    The threat from our own government is still INFINITELY GREATER than some wacko going postal on a group of innocents.

    I wish it were not so. I wish government was magnanimous and "in it for the benefit of the people"... but in realty THEY ARE NOT.. AND WE ALL KNOW IT!

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    Tsing Tao

    Anyone been following talk on the net on the doomsday crap? I haven't been able to find any serious group of folks who think its coming true. I wanted to enjoy the hilarity as it came, and went, without event.
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    I think they are simply tired of being wrong, there has been such a ramp up of failed end of the worlds

    I have an invite to an end of the world party friday, what the hell do I wear?
  8. I wonder if had prior suicide attempts. He might have been scared. Maybe he knew he would kill himself and didn't want to die alone.


    If his mom taught him to use guns. He probably got a rush from the power. Not like anything he felt before. Bang. Power over mother. He could have stopped there.
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