Nancy Grace grills mother, mother kills herself

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  1. Police Fear Missing Central Fla. Boy Will Not Be Found Alive
    Family: Media Coverage May Have Pushed Mom Over Edge

    POSTED: 7:31 am EDT September 11, 2006
    UPDATED: 2:18 pm EDT September 11, 2006

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    ORLANDO, Fla -- Investigators in the search for a missing 2-year-old boy in Leesburg, Fla., are leaning toward the possibility that the boy will not be found alive and are asking people to search remote areas on their property this week.

    "The search for Trenton Duckett is changing a bit this morning," Local 6's Jessica Sanchez said. "Leesburg police are acknowledging (that) it is possible the 2-year-old may not be found alive."

    Sanchez said police are asking people in Leesburg, Fruitland Park and the Lady Lake area who have property in remote areas to search the region for clues or a body.

    "They may have a good idea that, you know, that corner of property I got might be a good place," Leesburg police Captain Steve Rockefeller said. "Well, grab a friend, go out there and start looking. That's what I enourage people to do at this point."

    According to authorities, Trenton Duckett was last seen in his room. His mother, Melinda Duckett, said she first noticed he was missing around 9 p.m. Leesburg police said a screen on a window in the boy's room was cut and that he was apparently taken through the opening.

    However, the investigation into the boy's whereabouts was dealt a major setback when Melinda Duckett's body was found Friday in a home at 638 Rainbow Lane in the Villages of Lady Lake. Police said she died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at her grandparents' home.

    Local 6 News reported that Melinda Duckett's grandparents said media coverage may have been too much and pushed her over the edge.

    Two days before she died, Melinda Duckett told Local 6 News that she was frustrated that the media and police were scrutinizing her whereabouts before her son vanished.

    And in a taped interview that aired hours after Melinda Duckett's suicide, CNN news anchor Nancy Grace grilled the woman about her alibi on national television.

    "Where were you?" Grace asked. "Why aren't you telling us where you were that day? You were the last person to be seen with him."

    "We were just shopping, going around…" Duckett said.

    "Shopping where?" Grace asked.

    "Well, we didn't go any where specific," Duckett said.

    "If you went shopping, you had to go into a store -- what store did you go into?" Grace said.

    "I wasn't (going to get) into any specifics," Duckett said.

    The boy's father, Joshua Duckett, said he did not think the media was unfair in their coverage.

    "At first, the media was rough on me too and I had a lot of fingers pointed at me and stuff like that," Duckett said. "To me, I don't feel the media was unfair to either side."

    "Despite Melinda Duckett's apparent suicide, police are not yet publicly calling her their primary suspect," Local 6's Mike DeForest said. "They say everyone is still a possibility at this point."

    Saturday, investigators searched Duckett's apartment but so far there was no sign of a suicide note.

    Anyone with information into Trenton's whereabouts is urged to call 800-CALL-FBI.

    Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.
  2. I really cant stnad her. Funny thing there is no mention of this on the courttv web site.
  3. You want to break al qaeda prisoners? Force them to listen to her and rosie all day.
  4. Nancy Grace is the worst type of human trash there is. It's all about ratings with that whore.

    If I see one more story on that freak who didn't kill Jon Benet or that missing chick in Aruba, I will vomit. Let's see that idiot tackle a real story like the growing insurgency in Iraq.

    If there is any justice she will get hit by a bus moving at a high rate of speed.

    Thanks for letting me vent, that felt good.
  5. Now that would be a violation of the Geneva Convention. My God! Where's your humanity man?:D
  6. Don't look now, but Senate Republicans John McCain, John Warner, Lyndsey Graham, Susan Collins, along with Colin Powell pushed anti-terror legislation through Warner's "Armed Services Committee" by a vote of 15-9 that would keep the intent of the Geneva Convention largely intact, thus nullifying Bush's attempts to "redefine" the Convention.

    The vote by the moderate Collins underscored that there might be broad enough GOP support to successfully take on Bush on the floor of the Republican-run Senate.
  7. Nancy Grace is an absolute abomination.

    She is the only TV presence I can think of that literally makes me want to puke.

    The way she lays into people who have just lost their children, and with zero basis, is unconscionable. Someone needs to sue her disgusting mouth shut.

    Shame on any network or show that gives a platform to her viscious nonsense.
  8. From Wikipedia:

    "During the Smart case, when suspect Richard Ricci was arrested by police on the basis that he had a criminal record and had worked on the Smarts' home, Grace immediately and repeatedly proclaimed on CourtTV and CNN's Larry King that Ricci "was guilty", although there was little evidence to support this claim. She also suggested publically that Ricci's girlfriend was involved in the coverup of his alleged crime. Grace continued to malign Ricci, though he has since died.

    It was later revealed that Smart was kidnapped by Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee, two individuals with whom Richard Ricci had no connection.

    Grace was criticized by Elizabeth Smart herself during an appearance on Grace's television program in July 2006. Smart was promoting a national sex offender registry bill. Grace asked Smart about her abduction numerous times. After Smart had repeatedly declined to give details of her own case, she repeatedly requesting no further questioning about her own case, Smart again asked Grace to stay on topic, saying that she "didn't appreciate" Grace bringing up Smart's kidnapping repeatedly."
  9. josieb1b2


    This is truly a sad case. When I first heard about it, I was extremely appalled by how insensitve the media has become. Nancy Grace is the most insensitive person in the whole world. She should really get checked mentally. She is not really helping, but rather hurting people. This should not be allowed. The Nancy Grace show needs to be taken off the air. Nancy Grace needs to learn a thing or two about tact, especially when dealing with people who are experiencing in overwhelming amount of emotions. Nancy Grace does not have a clue what it is like to be a mother who just lost her child. If she did, she wouldn't have badgered Melinda Duckett in the manner that she did. This show should be a lesson to all the media out there who are doing more than just informing people about the news and events that are happening in and around the world. But what really ticks me off is that they chose to the air show the day after she committed suicide. Laws needs to be put in place for Human Rights. This is wrong. People who do not have ethics should be held liable in the court of law. It makes me sick to think that people are like Nancy Grace are as insensitve as they are. And then to even press the issue, like beating a dead horse, after she is dead, is even more disturbing. Every question and every detail needs to be outlined, before people go through interviews. I am really ashamed of CNN. I used to think of CNN as a respectable newstation. I do not think so anymore.

    Melinda Duckett may be guilty, but Nancy Grace is definitely GUILTY.
  10. Im not a huge Nancy fan, but they were legitimate questions. Who would you be asking? The day her child went missing, she threw out items belonging to him. That should raise some sort of suspicion.
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