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    I am looking for a name for a company that does trading and investments of its own funds.
    I am not from the U.S. hence I do not know if, for a U.S. person, it would matter if the "ending" of the name is "capital", "capital management", or "investments"?

    Is it that the hedge funds are using the "capital" ending usually? Perhaps there are other words I might use?
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  3. newwurldmn


    Tower research
    First New York Securities
    Susquehanna investment group
    Jane Street Trading
  4. MichalTr


    I'm a fan of:
    Sarao Milking Markets
  5. tommcginnis


    If your primary tool is capital, then end your company name in "Capital."

    If your primary tool is vehicles by which to manage capital, then "Capital Management" or "investments" or whatever.

    If trading is your thing, then by all means, end with "Trading."

    If you're not sure, then the singular, aspirational verbage does it: "Aragon" or "Veritas" or a place name -- Hudson Street, Inc.
  6. wrbtrader


    List of Hedge Funds

    Whatever you can check the above list to see if its a name already in use.

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