name that tech company with a 750 bil. cap

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  1. Can you do it ?

    They were trailblazers. They really opened the gates to endless opportunities. They always had the cash on hand to pay every bill.
  2. CSCO $707.9 billion in 2000?
  3. Close but no.
  4. I'll just give it away

    Microsoft Dec 30 1999

    Hence the hints

    Paul Allen owns the trailblazers team
    Opened the gates as in bill gates
    Cash to pay every bill and make one bill the richest in the world
  5. Never got above $620B.
  6. I'm talking 2012 dollars of course
  7. This "riddle" was pretty weak to say the least.
  8. Wasn't a riddle. Obviously you don't know what a riddle is. It was a straight forward question
  9. Whaaat currency are you using to price CSCO? Rubles?

    Next time know the answer before posing the question. And FWIW, it's the definition of a riddle as adjusted dollars were critical, even though you fcuked that sideways as well.
  10. There was a company worth more than MSFT, it was Gard Inc. (GRDI) back in 23,345 BC. Gard - the founder - invented the wheel with an axle and his company was worth 70 pounds of salt during the tech boom of 23,343 BC, that's about 2 Trillion USD in todays dollars.

    But the tech crash of 23,340 BC bankrupted Gard Inc. and Gard lived the remainder of his life in poverty.

    Gard's first wheel
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