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    Ok, silly post, please bear with me :)

    I've been working at home, developing and trading my own systems for a while now, possibly as most of us here at ET forums. But I still can't find a title for this "profession" that sounds as cool and as vague as possible. Ideally, if a friend would ask me what my job is, the answer should at the same time sound good and discourage further questioning!

    SO, what are we?

  2. I just tell people I'm in the Witness Protection Progam.
  3. twocentwhore?

  4. What are we? Bone-idle f*ckers with a gambling streak a mile wide.
  5. Banjo


    cyber pickpocket
  6. BSAM


    How many of these threads have I seen in my time here? I couldn't even begin to remember. And they're all dumb beyond belief.

    If you're a trader; just say you're a trader. What does it matter? Who cares what questions your friends ask?

    Do you think you are someone special because you trade? LOL

    Stop trying to flatter yourself. Help a needy animal or person; then people will have a reason to admire your actions.
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  8. Tell people that you "work with computers". It's more respectable than saying anything that has to do with being a "financial professional". :cool: :(
  9. JeffUSA


    If you are trying to impress a woman tell her you are a cigarette lighter repairmen.

    Otherwise, I would say you are a financial engineer.
  10. Just joined today, so this is my first post.

    In a way I can see your point. Most people who do not trade, have no idea what trading is about (although they think they do). So if you see you're a trader (and especially if you say you're a full-time day trader) they give you funny looks.

    Knowing people are pretty ignorant, I just say, "Short Term Investor" to casual people I meet. If they are more inquisitive, I give them more. I rarely tell people which markets I trade, because...well frankly I feel it's none of their business.
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